Plant of the Month – December 2017

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

It’s that time of year again. Time for holiday parties, lights and music, and to search for something stunning and rare for a treasured collection. Pick out the perfect shade of red lipstick and get ready…. for December’s plant of the month!

The gorgeous lipstick palm, or red sealing wax palm, is a rare and exotic multi-stem palm with striking red crown shafts that is a collector’s delight. This palm is slow growing and is only propagated by seed. Native to the swamps and rain forests of Malaysia, this colorful palm is quite sensitive and can be difficult to keep happy. Personally, I am loving our cool weather this week, but the lipstick palm will not.  Unless you are in Miami, consider planting the lipstick palm in a pot and bring it inside for these chilly Florida nights. The lipstick palm likes the temperature to be above 60°.



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