Landscape Maintenance

Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

The Benefits of Professional Landscape Maintenance Service

  • Monthly Irrigation Wet Test & Settings- Proper irrigation settings are crucial to effective landscape maintenance in South Florida. We perform a “wet test “once a month to inspect for breaks, over watering or other possible issues. At the same time we adjust the timer controls to correct duration for the seasonal requirements.
  • Lawn MaintenanceSharpened Lawn Mower Blades- Dull mower blades tear the lawn blades and expose the lawn to problems of disease and stress. We consistently sharpen our lawn mower blades to ensure that you are receiving the best cut possible every visit.
  • Hand Pruning- One of the most common and most harmful and unsightly shortcuts landscape maintenance companies take is the use of hedge trimmers to trim all plant materials. This results in unattractive and unhealthy plant materials. We hand prune most plant materials as needed and save the hedge trimmers for hedges as they were intended.
  • Disease & Pest Inspection- Our landscape maintenance managers and foremen are trained to identify disease and pest problems early and take immediate action to deter the development of the problem. Whether it is a new variety of Whitefly attacking your plants or a fungus in the lawn we are constantly on the lookout for disease and pest issues in our clients landscape.
  • Fertilization Application- Due to our sandy soils supplemental nutrients such as slow release fertilizers need to be applied on average quarterly to effectively supply the right amount of nutrients for the plant materials. Our landscape maintenance programs include a fertilization schedule that is designed specifically for the plant materials on your property.
  • Weed Control- Weed control is one of the most important functions of quality landscape maintenance service. During the long warm months of our growing season in South Florida weeds can literally pop up over night to become a nuisance and  create an unattractive environment. Our landscape maintenance teams are proactive each week (not month) to prevent or eliminate any possible signs of unwanted weeds, this is done by hand removal, herbicide application and maintaining 2-3″ of mulch at all times.
  • Debris Removal- During each service to a property we remove all loose and unwanted debris from the property so that you don’t have to experience the clutter of fallen leaves, limbs or other vegetation.
  • Certificate of Insurance- We have current liability and worker compensation insurance policies at all times. If you would like a certificate of insurance please Contact Us and we will have one forwarded to you.

Our Commitment To You

As landscape maintenance professionals we are committed to providing you and your property the highest possible level of service and care so that you can enjoy your beautiful landscape environment more and spend less time managing your landscaper. Our goal is that the only time you call us is to tell us what a great job we are doing, we will handle to rest. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and help simplify your life.

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