Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingThe Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company offers comprehensive landscape lighting services for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you are looking for a small low-voltage landscape lighting system to highlight your entrance walkway or a comprehensive lighting system master plan for your entire property our team of landscape lighting design and installation professionals are ready to help.

What To Consider

When helping our clients select the right lighting system that is right for their project the first thing we do is identify the priority and goal of the landscape lighting system. Whether it is to provide additional safety and security or simply to increase the aesthetic appeal or functional use of the property it is from this understanding that we approach the design of the system.

The next step is to select landscape lighting materials that will withstand the harsh South Florida environment while at the same time provide a detailed and inspiring lighting appearance. These considerations are taken into account during the selection of all materials from the lighting fixtures, to the transformer, lamps, wiring and more.

The Installation Process

Correct installation of a landscape lighting system is commonly the most overlooked aspect of a new lighting system. Proper design and placement of the lighting fixtures will define the quality of lighting effect a home or property experiences. Hiring a qualified installation team is crucial for a successful landscape lighting installation.

Landscape Lighting MaintenanceThe Colteur & Hearing Landscape Lighting Team are experienced at handling this critical aspect of the installation process. Our team of professionals understand how to install and focus a lighting system so that it projects the optimal lighting effect.


Complimentary Landscape Lighting Consultation

Contact Us Today for a complimentary landscape lighting consultation where one of our professional landscape lighting designers will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives for your landscape lighting system.