Landscape Design

Landscape Design Process

Landscape Design Process

The foundation of all successful landscape designs is an established landscape design process that accomplishes the goals and objectives of the client while working with the project’s environment .

The following is an overview of the landscape design process we guide our clients through:

  • Client Consultation
  • Site Inventory
  • Site Analysis
  • Concept(s)
  • Concept presentation and feedback
  • Revisions
  • Final Landscape Plan

Residential Landscape Design

Residential_Landscape_DesignSuccessful residential landscape design is a skill that is developed and polished through training and application over many years. The following are but a few of the numerous benefits of hiring our Landscape Architecture team for your next project.

  • Sustainable Design– Our designs  increase the value of your project by extending the life of your investment through material specifications that thrive for an extended lifetime.
  • Design Skills-Application of a proven design process and the proper use of color, texture, size, shape, scale, contrast and other landscape design fundamentals.
  • Understanding of  Local Growing Conditions– We have knowledge of the local natural environment and an understanding of how and when a project should be planned and implemented.
  • Local Plant Knowledge– Our team has a clear understanding of which plant materials grow best in our local environment and how to use them effectively for the greatest impact and value.
  • Plant Combinations– We know what plants work well together and create an attractive appearance for the lifetime of the design.
  • Innovation- Use of new materials and resources to create innovative designs. Our Landscape Architecture team is always on top of the latest materials and resources available to
  • Specialized Knowledge- We have expert knowledge regarding all aspects of a residential landscaping including:
    • Irrigation
    • Hardscape
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Irrigation
    • Drainage
    • Disease & Pest Issues
    • Water Features
    • Fences
    • Stone
    • and many more….
  • Budget Control- The ability to design a landscape project to meet a specified budget upon final installation and maintenance.
  • Water Management- We can design a landscape plan that will .
  • Community Association Guidelines– We are experienced at working with community association guidelines and effectively communicating with the community and client to help streamline the process.

Whether your project requires a complete renovation or adapting to an existing landscape, our Landscape Architecture team of professionals are qualified to help you reach your objectives. We invite you to contact us today for a Complimentary Design Consultation and discover the possibilities and opportunities your property has to offer.

Commercial Landscape DesignCommercial_Landscape_Design

Commercial landscape design projects demand a unique focus from a landscape design team because they can be larger in scale, require specialized knowledge and experience, and serve a larger audience. The following are some of the benefits you will receive by hiring our commercial landscape design team:

  • Local Municipal Regulations– We have a extensive understanding of local regulations and requirements, and years of experience working with local municipalities across South Florida.
  • Sustainable Design- Our commercial designs will hold up to the many variables and demands of commercial environments, thus providing you an extended lifetime value of your landscape project.
  • Timeline- We are sensitive to timelines and special requirements and our ability to meet deadlines keeps the project moving forward on time.
  • Budget Control- Our Landscape Architecture team can design a landscape plan that will meet a specified budget when it goes out for bidding.
  • Safety & Security- Our landscape architects and designers understand the importance of proper specification of materials so they exceed all safety & security concerns.
  • Water Management- We can design landscapes and irrigation systems to help preserve water consumption and control costs.

No matter what phase of development your project is in our commercial landscape design teams have the local knowledge and experiences to assist you. We invite you to contact us for a Complimentary Commercial Landscape Design Consultation and learn how we can help you reach your project goals.

Residential Landscape Design

Residential_Landscape_DesignIf you are considering a residential landscape design for your home or property there are a few items that I would like to share with you so that you are better prepared to make the right decisions not only when you hire a landscape designer but when you are presented with a concept or plan to review.

Understanding the key fundamentals of the residential landscape design process will help you extend the life of your landscape and increase the value you see in return for your investment.


Define Your Goals & Objectives

The first step you should take before you hire anyone to design your landscape is to take a few minutes and really think about what you would like to accomplish with the landscape project. What has motivated you to do this project? Are you seeking a new look and feel? Are you having problems with plants dying? Have you recently moved and you want the property to reflect your preferences?

Understanding WHY you want a new landscape design will help you better know and understand WHAT you want as a finished product and keep you from feeling like you made a mistake after the bill is paid and the contractor is on to the next job.

Inventory & Analysis

After communicating your goals and objectives to your residential landscape designer he/she will then begin the inventory and analysis phase of the design process. This is when the designer will take inventory of the natural environment of the property such as sun patterns, wind exposure, moisture levels, grade and elevation changes, drainage issues and much more.

After gathering this information the designer will then analyze the information against the goals and objectives you shared with him/her and begin developing a conceptual draft(s).


The conceptual phase is where the experiences, education, talent and local knowledge of the designer really become apparent. It is during the conceptual design phase when the designer gets to consider and balance the many variables of the natural environment and the objectives of the client, combined with express his/her understanding of landscape design fundamentals such as scale, shape, form, function, color, contrast and texture.

A clear understanding and experience working with the landscape design fundamentals is what separates an accomplished landscape designer from a novice. Having the ability to integrate these residential landscape design fundamentals with the client’s objectives is in essence what creates a successful landscape design. A design that will not only stand the test of time with mother nature but the test of “client time”.

Presentation & Comments

Upon completion of the initial concept the landscape designer will present the plan to you. At this meeting you should be preapred to ask questions, engage and take the time to understand and visualize the design. Request to see pictures of the plant materials proposed and listen to your instincts about what you like and don’t like about the conceptual design.

While you may not be a professional landscape designer you do have your opinion so make it known and help the designer better understand what it is you are looking for and how he/she can best serve you. The following are a few of the major points you want to consider and questions you should ask about the design:

  • Maintenance Level- how much maintenance is involved to care for the landscape
  • Plant Growth- how will this design look in 5+ years, will it be crowded or remain balanced  and funcitonal
  • Disease & Pests- are any of these proposed plants susceptible to major disease or pest issues? Should we routinely spray or treat the plants?
  • Irrigation- any special considerations for the irrigation system to effective water this landscape plan.
  • Color- did you use a specific color palette? if so which colors?
  • Bloom time- when do these plants bloom?
  • Circulation- did you consider the routes, paths, entry’s and exists of human circulation on the property?
  • Other questions……anything else that is important to you

Residential Landscape Design Final Plan

After the review and comments of the concept phase the designer will then create a final plan for estimating and construction purposes. At this point you should be excited about the upcoming project and have a clear understanding of what you are going to create with your new residential landscape design.

While this is the end the design phase of the project remember a quality landscape design is only as good as the way it is installed. If you have taken the time to hire a landscape designer to produce a custom plan for you take the additional time to source a quality installation contractor (preferably someone who has worked with the designer) to execute the project.

At the Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company we offer both residential landscape design and installation services. Please Contact Us today for a complimentary landscape design consultation so we can help you reach your landscaping goals.  We are a proud member of ASLA- American Society of Landscape Architects

Landscaping Jupiter FL

Jupiter, FL Landscaping Services

landscaping_jupiter_flThe Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company has been Landscaping Jupiter, FL residential and commercial properties for over 20 years. With our main office located in Jupiter our team of Landscape architects, designers, managers and landscape professionals have decades of experience and local knowledge landscaping Jupiter, Florida properties.

We have extensive knowledge of the many different settings and environments of Jupiter from the ocean front estates to ranches in Jupiter Farms. Our team of landscape professionals use their local knowledge and experiences to provide the highest level of service from an initial consultation through the design, installation and maintenance phases.

We invite you to take minute and look around our website because we have built it to be a resource for your landscaping needs. Review Our Work and Articles then Contact Us for a complimentary landscape consultation.

Landscape Design

Landscape_Design_Jupiter_FLOur Landscape Architecture team consists of Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers who create sustainable designs that are just right for the property’s local environment.  Whether it is designing a landscape master plan, irrigation design, landscape lighting, hardscape or any other required design element our team of design professional know the right materials to specify for Jupiter’s natural environment.

Our tested and accomplished design process allows our design team to work with each client’s individual needs, wants and vision to help bring it to life and properly reflect their style and preferences. This process begins with the initial landscape design consultation and moves through the inventory & analysis, concept & final plan presentations.

We are constantly requesting feedback and comments throughout the design process to ensure the design is moving in the right direction. We guarantee that our landscape designs meet your approval and receive 100% satisfaction before we complete the process. We invite you to Contact Us today for a Complimentary Landscape Design Consultation so we can begin to help you bring your project to life.

Landscape Installation Services

Our team of landscape installation professionals provide an exceptional client experience when it comes to installing Jupiter, FL landscapes. Have installed hundreds of landscapes in the Jupiter area we are well versed in the many environmental and community requirements that determine a successful  and lasting installation along with a positive and rewarding client experience.

Our construction managers and landscape professional pay attention to the client experience and work diligently to provide timely and effective communication with our clients as the project evolves in an efficient and timely manner. In the event that circumstances arise that require adjustments to the construction process we understand that proper communication is the best solution.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you on your next landscape project. For a complimentary Landscape Consultation please Contact Us today to schedule and appointment.

Landscape Maintenance Jupiter, FL

Landscape_Maintenance_Jupiter_FLJupiter landscapes are some of the fastest growing and abundant landscape you will find anywhere in the world. Successfully maintaining the health, look, feel and integrity of the landscape over the course of many years is a skill and talent that requires local knowledge and experience. Many landscapes fall victim of looking great when they are installed but slowly deteriorating over the course of but a few years.

Our landscape maintenance professionals understand the demanding environments of Jupiter landscapes and are well trained to not only maintain the existing plant and lawn materials but also to be on the lookout for and identify possible threats such as disease, pest and changing environmental conditions. It is this vision and attention to detail that separates our maintenance teams from many. Our focus in not just on completing today’s maintenance responsibilities but to protect your landscape investment for many years to come.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your property’s needs. Please Contact Us today for a complimentary landscape maintenance consultation.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with you, earn your trust and be your one stop resource for all of your landscaping needs. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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