irrigation_rotorAlmost all residential and commercial landscapes in South Florida require some form or irrigation to ensure the health and survival of landscape. With over 20 years of experience with irrigation for South Florida landscapes we can assist you with any irrigation need from the repair of a broken head to the design and installation of a new irrigation system.

Irrigation Systems

Proper control of the water your irrigation system delivers is imperative for the health and survival of your landscape. This begins with the design and installation of your system and continues through the system’s monitoring and maintenance.

irrigation_misterThe Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Team takes great pride is assisting our clients by monitoring their system so that it is properly adjusted to accommodate for the change in seasonal temperatures, rainfall and other conditions that vary from year to year. We understand that importance of controlling the amount of water a landscape receives and assist our clients to ensure their landscape does not suffer from ineffective watering schedules.

The Latest Irrigation Technology

Advances in technology within the irrigation industry continue to make great improvements to more effectively and efficiently irrigation landscapes. These improvements are allowing property owners to save money not only on their monthly water bill but also assisting in protecting the long term health of a landscape which extends the life of their landscape investment.

irrigation_micro-bubblerAt the Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company we are continuously seeking to identify advances in irrigation technology that will assist in protecting our client’s landscape investment and save water for our community.

Complimentary Irrigation Inspection

Contact Us Today for a complimentary irrigation system inspection and analysis. Our team of landscape professionals will perform a wet test to evaluate the current condition of your system, identify an issues and make suggestions as to how you can improve the system for a more effective and efficient coverage.