April 2017 – Plant of the Month

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

If you like butterflies, then this is the plant for you. The Passion Flower Vine comes in many varieties, most often with purple flowers and the most common variety is Passiflora incarnata. The variety ‘Lady Margaret’ has a beautiful reddish-purple flower. The flowers bloom throughout the year and are well known for their beautiful and intricate architecture.

The Passion Flower Vine hosts the Gulf Fritillary butterfly and the Zebra Longwing butterfly and several other varieties visit the flower to drink the nectar. Remember, along with butterflies come caterpillars! The Passion Flower Vine prefers full sun, will die back in a hard freeze and return the following season. This climbing vine uses tendrils to attach itself to a trellis, fence or espalier system you have in your garden.



Plant of the Month – October 2016

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

Trick or Treat? It’s a spooky Monstera deliciosa knocking on your door. This tropical plant has shiny large leaves characterized by deep splits and holes, giving it the common name Swiss cheese plant. Monstera can be grown as a bushy tropical shrub in shady areas, or indoors as a houseplant. It can also grow into a monster-sized vine on a palm tree or any structure that it can climb. The tentacle-like aerial roots grow downward and support the plant. Although most plants are grown for their attractive foliage, the Monstera does have a flower that develops into a fruit over the course of a year. And talk about trick or treat indeed – all parts of this creepy crawler are poisonous except the ripe fruit!

Keep an eye out for the ghostly green and white variegated version as well.



Plant of the Month – July 2016

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

Erin Porter, Landscape Architect PLA

It’s HOT! In this July heat, there is no place I would rather be than on the beach and the Dune Sunflower, Helianthus debilis, would agree.

This fast-growing groundcover is a Florida Native and is well suited to sandy, salty and hot conditions.  The Dune Sunflower (also known as the Beach Sunflower) is a creeping groundcover with plentiful and showy flowers providing year round interest to the landscape.

It can be used to stabilize beach dunes and is planted in residential or commercial landscapes. Happy plants will bloom for several years. As the plant ages, they can have woody stems, so be sure to remove the dying stems to keep the plant looking its best.

Dune Sunflower