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Plant of the Month – February 2013

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Daniel Sugg

The February Plant of the Month is the Variegated Clusia, Clusia rosea ‘Variegata’ is also marketed as Clusia guttifera ‘Variegata’.  The Variegated Clusia is a relatively new cultivated specimen with only a handful of nurseries in South Florida currently growing them.

It is a very slow growing plant that can be used as a large accent shrub, dense hedge or small ornamental tree.  The large leaves are a beautiful dark green to a very light yellow variegation and create a dense shrub or canopy (if grown as a standard tree form).  So, be on the lookout for this new and upcoming plant, it will be a striking addition to any garden or landscape.

Plant of the Month-Clusia rosea 'variegata'_'Variegated Clusia'